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ShapeOur Services


Baby And Me Lactation offers the following services at the moment. However, if you have special needs / requests, that are not listed under our Services please do not hesitate to contact us. We may either be able to make special arrangements for your needs or can help you find some other names or directions. Our specialities include -but not limited to;.

  • General Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Management
  • Tongue-Tie and other Oral Restrictions
  • Milk Supply Issues
  • Pumping & Bottle Feeding
  • LGBTQ Lactation Counselling for Couples
  • Nursing Babies with Special Needs
  • Induced and Adopted Lactation
  • Induced and Adopted Lactation
  • Lactation Training for Healthcare Providers and Inspiring IBCLCs
  • Starting Lactation Programmes in Workplaces


We tend to think that because breastfeeding is natural, that there is nothing to learn. This couldn't be further from the truth, especially in a culture where breastfeeding often happens behind closed doors. Too many of us new moms have barely even seen breastfeeding before! Ann was like the big sister or wise aunt that I needed to help me troubleshoot issues like: Why does it hurt and what do I need to do differently to make it stop hurting? Is he getting enough? How do I use a pump or hand express? How much milk do I need in the freezer before going back to work? How should breastfed babies be bottle fed to make sure the limited milk I can pump is enough? How do I get enough sleep while breastfeeding and working? Ann can't take away the challenges of being a new mom, but she helped me understand them and figure out my options so I could do what worked best for me and my son. My advice to new moms: Having formula in the house when you are trying to breastfeed is like having candy bars in the house when you are trying to diet: some people can pull it off, but for most people it ends up sabotaging their efforts. If someone offers you a free sample, say no. If a sample mysteriously arrives in the mail (and they will! ), throw it out. They want to get you hooked when breastfeeding is hardest... you know, at 4am when you are exhausted and your nipples are sore and that sample is just sitting there for dad to give baby while you sleep... so tempting! Throw it away when your will is strong or it will be too tempting to use later. Supplementing is a slippery slope and the beginning of the end for too many moms. Do not make the decision to supplement lightly or without the oversight of an LC who can guide you through the process. Just because you have a friend who managed to supplement and breastfeed to toddler-hood doesn't mean it will work out for you: such women are rare!

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Dr. Tamia

When I contacted Ann for lactation help, I can say that I was truly desperate. My daughter was just over a week old and I had gotten so much advice from so many different lactation consultants that I was literally dizzy. Since birth, I had been using a nipple shield to nurse and pumping to store milk for when I went back to work at the University hospital. The combination on my new mom nipples had left my nipples sore, cracked, and bleeding. Every attempt at breast feeding left me in tears. The first thing that Ann provided was reassurance. Assurance that my child was healthy, that breastfeeding was extremely doable, and that I was going to succeed. Then she showed me how to use the shield more effectively and how to get my daughter latched properly so that pain could be avoided entirely. 24 hours later, I was a happy breastfeeding mother. Ann's gift is not just what she knows, it is how patiently and thoroughly she explains herself. She also seems to believe in multiple versions of success, not just ONE way of getting the job done. 5 weeks later as I was returning to work, Ann again re-entered our home. She gave our daytime caregiver tips on how to bottle feed in a way that promotes successful breastfeeding, and again reiterated the lessons she had taught me about breastfeeding. She added additional advice about pumping at work and how to be successful that I am still relying on. If you are having challenges in breastfeeding -which I am beginning to believe is more common than not- Ann is the answer. She is a true blessing.

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Dr Eman

The hospital I had my baby at was very breastfeeding friendly, and I used a lactation consultant every chance I could. However, when we went home I was not confident enough in my child's feedings and concerned about whether or not he was gaining weight. It was very hard on me, feeling like I was not giving my child his nutritional needs. I tried calling the lactation consultation hotline provided by the hospital but I still did not feel reassured. When Ann came to our home, I was so impressed by her skills, how comfortable my son was with her, Ann's passion for your job, but mostly how sincere Ann was in actually caring. I felt that she was not just "doing her job" but that she was there to make sure I had achieved my goal of breastfeeding. It was as if my goal was her goal. We recently had our one-month check-up and my baby is doing great. Thank you so much for your help and for caring.