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Prenatal consultations/ Induced lactation and Breastfeeding classes

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  • Prenatal consultations/ Induced lactation and Breastfeeding classes

Prenatal consultations/ Induced lactation and Breastfeeding classes

  • Home
  • Prenatal consultations/ Induced lactation and Breastfeeding classes

Prenatal consultations / Induced lactation and Breastfeeding classes

We do offer private classes in the comfort of your own home or our clinic in Columbia.

In this, one-on one, comprehensive class we cover.

  • We talk about what are your reasons to give your baby breastmilk or breast/chest feed your baby.
  • The expectations and possible outcomes during this journey
  • Why, how and when to breastfeed/chestfeed.
  • Normal infant behaviour vs what you have read on internet (yes, we all guilty of that so let’s talk myths vs facts)
  • What to expect when expecting (if you are waiting for an adoption or for the birth of your baby through gestational carrier, you are expecting a baby) and after delivery, as well as common breastfeeding problems.
  • LGBTQ+ lactation counselling including but not limited to chestfeeding, partner lactation, gender specific questions…

We discuss the importance of when and how to seek help if things don’t go according to plan. This is an especially desirable whole-family class if there are other siblings or helpers at home. We pay extra attention to any question or special circumstance you may have. This consult is also ideal for families with multiples, previous breastfeeding problems, or possible production issues like breast surgeries, hormonal issues, transgender pregnancies and more.

During the consultations; we usually have a thorough examination of the breast tissue, and if there are any concerns we discuss them and see if there are any tell-tale signs of possible problems, and how to best prepare for them. Answer your questions and discuss possible solutions. If you can’t remember them during the consultation, you will have text access to us to ask them as they come after the consultation as well.

Truthfully, this is one of our most talked about and enjoyable classes for the expectant families!


This consultation is very similar to the in-home prenatal visits as above but in our lovely clinic in Columbia. This visit usually takes about 30-45 minutes.

Induced lactation, Adoptive Lactation, Re-lactation

Although induced, adoptive or re-lactation has started to make more appearances in the media within the last couple of years, it is not a new concept. Mothers, aunties, grandmothers or even neighbours around the world have induced or re-lactated to feed babies for centuries for hundreds of different scenarios. So if this is your desire, welcome to the community.

Nursing a baby is a very special bond. Breast/chestfeeding is not only putting food into baby’s belly, but also about nurturing, keeping the biological norm and respecting the baby’s right to breastfeed. It is about reconnecting, finding a language to communicate even when you say nothing at all. So, we talk about ounces vs feedings.

Please remember, like any good, and solid relationship, it is going to take some work. Within the last 23 years Ann Faust, has had joined many families who managed to breast/chestfeed their babies in variety of situations.

We also have had the privilege to work with many LGBTQ+ families to achieve their goals to breast/chestfeed their babies. This could be to their conceived/partnered or adopted babies.

If you are planning to adopt or trying to re-lactate for a baby, please give us a call so we can talk about your goals and the options available to  your family to achieve them.