At Baby And Me we know that every little helps, so we like to offer little appreciation to our immediate community.


RETURNING CLIENTS : If you are already registered in our system (prenatal consultations, previous babies, etc.) you will automatically get 10%  off for your next in-home, new baby consultations.


UNIFORM SERVICES DISCOUNT: We are gladly offering 15% discount on in-home consults to all our active duty families. Please let us know at the time of arranging your consultation.


HCPS EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT: All HCPS employees are eligible for 15% discount on in-home consultations. Please let us know at the time of arranging your consultation.


WIC DISCOUNT: If you are a WIC mom, and sent by one of the local WIC offices, you may be eligible to either reduce rates or free postpartum consultations.  Please let us know for your special arrangements.

Dr BEAMS' MEDICAL HOME :  For clinic appointments, if you are an established patient with Dr Beams  you will get a 40% discount for the first clinic appointment. Please make your appointments directly with the front office.




If you are low income, or having financial difficulties please do not let this to be a barrier to getting the services you deserve.

A sliding scale consultation may be available to you, to ensure lactation help and information is accessible to all who need them.

Last updated on the 02/27/2014