I believe breastfeeding is a journey for the whole family, and like all journeys, there are many different ways to arrive at your destination. I am sure that you will have many unforgettable memories of this amazing adventure; some very happy and some not so much. I do hope this page will inspire and encourage you, during those times that are not so happy, and you can find some similarities and hope to see the light easier between the lines of other breastfeeding stories.
Kindly, Ann


Ann was very accommodating and spent extra time with us. The at tentativeness and time spent was greatly appreciated


Dr Faust has the best bedside manners I have seen for a long time.

-Gould,July 2019

Ann came highly recommended to us after seeing 2 other IBCLCs without results. Our in-home appointments were fantastic. I really do appreciate our consultant. Ann is the hands down best

-Zeisser,July 2019

Ann is amazing and so helpful. So glad I found her!

-Hudson,May 2019

Best patient care I have received in a very long time

-Morrison,June 2019

Dr. Ann was extremely professional and caring. She spotted the things wasn’t working with me and my baby when we are breastfeeding and fixed it. I would highly recommend Ann.

Kaylee B.

Ann is amazing and so helpful. So glad I found her!

Amber H

The best patient care I have received in a very long time. Ann was especially knowledgeable about breastfeeding toddlers and military nursing issues. Spotted the problem all of my other doctors missed less than half an hour of our first meeting. May 2018

Wayne C.-

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time, all A+ Ann was extremely nice and provided a tremendous amount of help and is truly an expert in this field. I would highly recommend Baby and Me. December 2017

Heather D

Ann is very knowledgeable, relaxing, and easy to talk to. Helped me deal with anxiety and issues I had been dealing with as a new mom, and a nurse. She guided us in a non-judgemental manner and gave us options to. Extremely satisfied, and highly recommend her. August 20

Stephanie Z.

All around wonderful experience with Dr. Faust! She gave us the science of breastfeeding with a traditionally warm manner. Thank you!! August 2017

Kevelyn F

Convenience (in-home consult) and thoroughness. She answered all my questions and provided lots of useful information. July 2017

Zaineb C

Personality and tenderness were incredible. July 2017

Mary N

Ann Faust is amazing!!! Such a helpful woman and she has been so encouraging to me! March 2017

Stephanie C.

Ann was caring, sensitive, incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. She spent a lot of time with us, listening, guiding and teaching. She is top notch! November 7th 2016


I cannot speak highly enough of services provided by Ann for lactation. Her experience, demeanor, and bedside manner are unrivaled. She provided solid advice, a caring touch, and an expert hands on easy to follow instruction. She restored my wife's confidence, peace of mind, and connections with our daughter. The home visit was invaluable and we cannot thank her enough. October 2016

Erin S

Meeting with Ann was the best $55 I ever spent ! September 2016


Ann is one in a million. She completely saved breastfeeding for me and my baby. I am beyond impressed and forever grateful for her care and help. January 2015


Absolutely love her! November 2014


Kind, compassionate care. So glad I didn't feel rushed. Instantly felt like a safe environment for both me and my babe." September 2014.


Our experience with Ann Faust was life changing for us. It was the third lactation consultant we talked to and the only one who got to the bottom of our baby's restless eating and sleeping behavior - in the first five minutes our meeting! Ann appeared professional in every detail, experienced, thoughtful and holistic. Talking to her just felt right. She examined our daughter Mila and my breasts, measured Mila's weight before and after feeding and after listening to us made first suggestions on how to better organize feeding process and what nursing tactics were best for our baby.
I also loved her hands on approach and all the practical tips and demonstration of nursing positions, burping, baby wearing, she even gave me organic nipple cream.
A week later we had a follow up meeting, which was also very thorough and there had already been substantial improvements by then - our feeding/sleeping schedule got more organized and the whole family happier and more rested.
Since then we had numerous follow-ups by email and I asked many more questions beyond nursing and even sent pictures with the issues we had.
Ann helped us to better understand our baby's needs and forget about nursing frustrations. I also realized that nursing is not just about feeding - it's tied with baby's development, temperament, sleeping habits and health. And Ann takes all of it into account which makes her consultations so effective. July 2014


I just wanted to say *THANK YOU* for your support from the very beginning! Our daughter is 13 1/2 months old now, and 4 days ago...she stopped asking for milk. I wanted to wean her off on her terms and here we are. I didn't even think I'd make it another day until you came to visit us when you did. You saved us, and made our experience a successful one. I know that if I am blessed with another baby, that we will be calling you from Day 1! :) September 2011

Tina R

I recommend Ann Faust with enthusiasm and without reservation to anyone who wants support, education, and valuable advice on breastfeeding. As first time parents, my husband and I were very frantic when we called Ann. Our new-born, unable to latch on, was quickly dropping weight after being born. Ann showed up on our front door within hours of our initial phone call. She possessed a rare combination of compassion, wisdom, and humor. She quickly diagnosed him with a tight lingual frenulum [tongue-tie] and began introducing exercises to teach our son Rowen how to use his tongue more efficiently. Furthermore, she provided several practical tools that enabled immediate modified breastfeeding. Were it not for Ann's precise guidance, we would have abandoned breastfeeding.

For the next few weeks Ann provided emotional support to my family beyond the mechanics of breastfeeding. Her extensive education and experiences were an invaluable asset in navigating the dizzying initiation into parenthood. This was all included in the initial low-priced fee. Thanks to Ann, our son Rowen is now a robust & healthy breast-fed baby." September 2011


My son was born in September 2010 and for two months I couldn't get him to latch. I was pumping over 7 times a day to feed him and was exhausted. He was also gaining weight very slowly. After meeting with Ann, I saw a significant improvement in Harry's weight gain in a matter of days. I was clearly able to identify and correct the issues affecting my ability to breastfeed my son. Ann is warm, caring, and extremely knowledgeable and really takes the time to discuss your individual concerns and find a way to help you resolve them in a way that is best for you and your baby. I don't know if I would still be breastfeeding my son were it not for Ann. At 10 months, Harry is a happy, joyful, breastfed baby! Thank you, Ann!

Shelby L

After having some difficulty nursing my son during his first few days of life, I was in a lot of pain, extremely discouraged, and afraid I may not be able to continue. I contacted Ann and she immediately put my mind at ease and assured me that there were several strategies I could use to make the experience more comfortable and effective for me and my baby. During her visit to my home she listened to my concerns, observed, and made recommendations based on my needs, while always clearly explaining the rationale for her recommendations. As a result, I have a better understanding and breastfeeding is now the pleasant experience that it should be!" June 2011

Fay Grandmother to Lenor and Sarah

Ann is a skilled, generous, intelligent resource for new mothers. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with babies and nursing. Her advice was invaluable to both my daughters who turned to her after seeking help from other consultants. Ann's advice was wonderful; she generously made herself available beyond what anyone could have expected. I can't say enough good things about her." April 13, 2010

Melissa P

As a new mom, breastfeeding was also new to me. I took a breastfeeding class before my son was born and was really looking forward to having this bond with my baby. Although my son latched right away, I ran into problems after I left the hospital. My son was not gaining weight as fast as the pediatrician liked, my nipples were sore, cracked and bruised, and I developed a case of mastitis. By the time my son was 5 weeks old, I really felt as though I had done all I could, and it was time for me to quit breastfeeding, even though my goal was just to stick it out for 6 weeks. I would dread every time I had to feed my son - it just wasn't turning out like I had imagined it would be. Many of my new mommy friends had recommended Ann to me since week 3, but I kept thinking that he was latching and eating - I didn't have a problem that Ann could fix. Reluctantly, I called her. Part of me hoped that she would tell me that there was nothing she could do so I could quit and still feel like I tried everything I could. Ann set up an appointment with me right away and came to my house. She used a scale so I could see how much breastmilk my son was getting (to address the weight issue), and she helped me get my son to get a deeper latch (to help with the pain). She even helped me with my pump since that was another concern I had. My relationship with my baby completely changed after that visit. I finally looked forward to feeding him! A few weeks later, I was having trouble with getting my son to latch when I didn't have all of my pillows and boppy around me. I was dreading even going to the mall because it hurt when I fed him anywhere other than my own house. I contacted Ann, and she promptly came out (in the snow) free of charge to help me. She showed me different positions to use and ways I could prop up my arm to help make it more comfortable. She talked me through everything and made me feel so comfortable. My son will be 5 months old this week, and I am still breastfeeding. I've come a long way from talking myself into making it to week 6. I love breastfeeding now, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. I have even transitioned back to work, and now I pump during the day and still breastfeed him mornings, nights and weekends. There is no doubt in my mind that without Ann, I would have quit at week 6. I would have missed all of this special time with my son, and he would have missed all the nutrients that he is getting from my breastmilk. I would recommend Ann to anyone. My only regret is that I didn't call her sooner! May 2010

Laura G

Breastfeeding was extremely painful for me, but I continued so that my daughter would receive the health benefits. At her one month appointment with the pediatrician, I learned that she was not gaining enough weight. My milk supply wasn't sufficient and we were ordered to begin introducing formula. I reached out to Ann at this point and she came over immediately! She made recommendations to improve my daughter's latch, which helped heal my bruises and made the breastfeeding experience much more comfortable. She also helped design a pumping strategy, which would help wean my daughter off of formula slowly. I still have supply problems and need to supplement with formula, but at least I now have pain free breastfeeding sessions with my daughter and I have Ann's support with all of my questions. Ann's support helped me stick with breastfeeding, despite my supply issues. May 2010

Heidi S.-V

I knew that breastfeeding in the first few weeks would be hard, but I had no idea how tough it would be. After about 2 weeks, I was desperate, in a lot of pain and ready to give up and use that sample formula the hospital gave me. I thought I'd give it one more shot and I called Ann for help. She came over to my house and helped me immensely by helping to figure out the root cause of my problems. After the initial consultation, she kept in contact with me and stopped by a few more times to check on me. Not only did she help with some of the latching problems, but she also helped improve my confidence. Since those first few weeks, I've occasionally run into a few minor bumps and I've called Ann for advice. When I first started, I just wanted to make it through the first month. I've made it for 6 months so far and with Ann on speed dial I'm confident that I'll be able to make it through the first year. April 2010


I'm not alone when I say "breastfeeding isn't easy" and when I found myself tired, sore, with a tiny little person wanting to eat, it would have been so easy to say "just give her a bottle". However, luckily Ann was there to show me the ropes of breastfeeding and more. She was extremely patient and if I needed to see it, hear it, or do it again with her there, she didn't mind the 1st time nor the 100th time. Her tranquil and positive personality along with her confidence in me made all the difference. I know that I would not have nursed my daughter, and later my son, without her invaluable knowledge and support. 2008

Dr Nanavati S

When my daughter was 5 days old, she stopped nursing altogether. Contacting Ann was the best thing I have done since I got pregnant. She immediately set up an appointment to see us that evening. By 9pm, she left me with Aisha nursing at my breast. She kept in touch with us until we found our own feet. When my daughter was three months old, I had to go back to work. As a physician in a busy practice, I work long hours and it was very stressful to figure out how to work and carry on breastfeeding my baby. Especially because she was refusing to take bottles. Ann was there again to help us with the transition. Her knowledge and counselling skills are excellent and her passion about breastfeeding is very contagious. My only regret is not contacting Ann earlier; we could have saved a lot of tears and headache. June 15, 2009


"Even though this was my third baby, I had difficulty and extreme anxiety about breastfeeding. With Ann's knowledge, support, and encouragement, I was able to learn some techniques that helped me to achieve breastfeeding success. Also, she went above and beyond to ease my anxieties and came over on a moment's notice to calm me down and let me borrow her baby scale so that I could monitor my baby's weight. I am so thankful that Ann was there for me and my baby!"2008


Ann was a tremendous help after my son was born. I contacted her in desperation one night when my son was about 1 month old. She responded within an hour and came to see me the next day. I had extremely sore/cracked nipples and she helped me figure out why and gave me some great suggestions on improving my sons latch and healing my nipples. I am now still happily breast feeding and about to celebrate my sons first birthday! August 01, 2009


Ann has been very helpful with me breastfeeding my daughter, Laylah. When Laylah was only 2 weeks old, Ann came to my home within 1 hour of me calling her to assist me with getting a correct latch. I was having trouble with Laylah latching and was having considerable pain and bleeding due to incorrect latching. Ann was very kind and helpful. Her advice on that day helped me to correctly get Laylah to latch and the pain subsided. Four months later, when I was preparing to take a 4 day business trip, I contacted Ann again for advice on shipping breastmilk. Once again, she was very helpful with providing info on current travel guidelines for transporting breastmilk. Ann is a GREAT resource for new breastfeeding mothers like me! 2008


That first night was scary enough just bring my son home. Then I was starting to second guess myself about breast-feeding my son. But once I called Ann, she came over right away. I was thanking God above, because she was like an angel, or a really good friend, that I didn't know I had. Ann helped me to relax and just let it happen. At first I didn't think the breast milk was holding him but it was and still is. Now my son is doing well, we went for his 2 month well baby appointment. My breast fed baby weighs 14 lbs and 11 oz. He is healthy and happy. And so am I. You do a very important job. Thanks a million times over. June, 2009

Dr Pemberton

Ann is like a member of our family. After not having success with breastfeeding my first baby, I wanted so badly to be able to breastfeed my second one for at least a year. Furthermore, I had a breast reduction in 1998, which potentially created some further complications. Ann began working with me during my pregnancy to ensure I would be prepared to breastfeed after giving birth. She identified a regimen of supplements for me to take during pregnancy to increase breast tissue and milk duct connections. When my son was only a few days old, I was already experiencing horrible pain while nursing - bruised, cracked, bleeding nipples. Ann came to my house when my son was five days old and diagnosed a tongue-tie. She referred me to an ENT, who corrected the tongue-tie. However, my baby still was having difficulty nursing and gaining weight, and I was still in a lot of pain. Postpartum depression set in. Ann identified my depression and made sure I got the help I needed. She referred us to a cranial-sacral therapist who worked with my son until he was able to successfully breastfeed; she even went to some of the sessions with us. My son finally got back to his birth weight at two months postpartum! Ann reassured me that I was a good mother and that my baby was doing great - I needed to hear this because I was so doubtful of how I was doing. I'm happy to say that at 23 months, my son is still breastfeeding!
Ann is different from the lactation consultants I worked with after my daughter was born. Ann truly becomes a member of the family. This is not a job to her. She loves her moms and babies. She was always available and would go out of her way to visit with me when she knew I was struggling. I can't say enough good things about her!