Getting ready for a meeting to set-up breastfeeding center at USHR

Getting ready for a meeting to set up a new breastfeeding center for the USHR

Next Class is 8th of may 2013 Wednesday

                    One of Ann's passions is setting-up breastfeeding centers and training  businesses and the workforce about breastfeeding. She knows and understands how important and difficult the transition back to working outside the home can be. This is why we are inviting you to discuss all things related to working and breastfeeding. During this class some of the common topics we will discuss are;

  • ·         How and when to pump, what kind of pump - If you already have one, please remember to bring your pump with you-
  • ·         Milk supply; too much, too little, how to protect it
  • .     How to bottle-feed without jeopardising nursing at the breast
  • ·         How to handle expressed breastmilk;  freezing, de-freezing, teaching other caregivers how to handle breastmilk
  • ·         What the laws say about working and breastfeeding; how to approach your employer
  • ·         Your individual work situations, -please bring your questions with you-

                Why don’t you join us to learn how to make this transition much smoother on your family and yourself?

Making it Work for you and your family


                New location for our all-time favourite class is moving back to Columbia, -much-loved consignment store- Greenberries This is one of our most popular classes, and has been running fully-booked since the beginning.

                Time: 7pm-9pm

                Please remember, we have to limit participation to 10 people only, to be able to address individual questions and situations, so please register early to avoid disappointment. Bring your questions, pump -if you have one bring the entire pump not just the parts please- and your baby if you like.

                You can either email or call Greenberries to register and ask for further information, too.

             This two hour class is only $35 per participant (babies are always welcome and encouraged.) 

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