If you are reading these pages, you must know that, breastfeeding makes a difference to you and your baby’s health,
lets see how we can help you to reach your breastfeeding goals!!!




We do offer private Breastfeeding classes in the comfort of your own home. In this 60 to 90 minute, on-on one, comprehensive class we cover;  why, how and when to breastfeed, normal infant behavior, what to expect when expecting and after delivery, as well as common breastfeeding problems.  We discuss the importance of when and how to seek help if things doesn't go according to plan. We will explore breastfeeding myths and truths. This is an especially desirable class if there are other siblings or helpers at home.  We pay extra attention to any question or special circumstance you may have. This consult is also ideal for families with multiples, previous breastfeeding problems, or possible production issues like breast surgeries, hormonal issues, etc. During the consultation we do have a thorough examination of the breast tissue, and if there are any concerns we pay special attention to the tell-tale signs of problems, too.

This is one of our most talked about and enjoyable classes for the expectant families!




We recommend pre-natal consultations to mothers who are anxious about breastfeeding or have specific conditions like previous breast surgeries, illnesses, or previous breastfeeding problems.

 During the visit, we will talk about how to get prepare to breastfeed, full breast exam (for inverted nipples, breast structure, etc), making sure you are ready to have a good start, when the baby comes, simple latch techniques, and address any questions the expectant families may have. This visit usually takes about 30-45 minutes.

These consults take place at your home as some mothers would like to get information about the sleeping arrangements, older siblings etc. The fee for this consult is;





  Last updated on 02/21/2016