Initial Consultation -New Clients-


Postpartum breastfeeding consultations can be arranged according to your needs;  as a home or hospital visit, for older babies here at the office. At this time, we are seeing clients within the limits of Howard, and part of Montgomery and Baltimore Counties. If you are living outside of these limits please do not hesitate to contact us, as we may be able to make other arrangements or connect you with other Lactation Consultants in your area. Alternatively, you can search the ILCA's website by clicking on the name.

I am a mother of 2 teenagers and a beautiful baby girl of 3 months. When I was pregnant of my third child I tried to learn as much as possible about breastfeeding and a friend of mind recommend Anne for this task. When I was 32 weeks she came to my house and we create a strategy to make sure I would understand the process of breastfeeding. When I gave birth I right away started stimulating my breast to produce milk. I had trouble latching on the baby and she came to the hospital to check on me and the baby. After I was discharge of the hospital she help me latch the baby and help me with a great product to fix my sore nipples. After many attempts to breastfeeding and couple of weeks, I was able to breastfeed my baby without supplement and have a great milk supply of 50oz. a day. I really like Anne sincerely love and caring for breastfeeding mothers without her help I would not be able to kept going.

I recommend mothers to learn as much possible about breastfeeding and ways to supplement at the breast in case the baby had trouble latching on and to create an aggressive plan with people who care like Ann this would make the difference between establish a great milk supply or have trouble producing enough milk. She really cares and because of this I am the proud mother of a 3 month baby girl fully breast milk baby  of 13 pounds and growing.
-Emile February 2014-  

Long distance travel consults; Please note Due to increased gas charges; we have to add an additional $25.00 travel fee to any home visit outside of the 20-mile radius of 21045 zip code. Thank you for understanding.


Our initial consultation is not time-based but charged per visit. But if you want some idea it usually takes anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours (this time is nearly double for multiples) one-on-one. During the visit there will be a detailed history, examining and evaluating the baby’s oral cavity and the mother’s breasts, transfer checks, correct latch-on techniques, normal infant behaviour and exploring the strategies to achieve good breastfeeding relationship, in addition to your short and long-term breastfeeding goals.

Please make sure you have all your questions ready so we can discuss them in detail after the hands-on consult. (Many mothers find taking note on their phone or putting a notepad on the fridge and write their questions there as they remember them, useful)

With your permission, we usually send a detailed report to your baby's health-care provider for more rounded care for your baby.

  • Mothers encouraged to follow-up with the lactation consultant within the next 24-36 hours after the initial consultation to discuss how the things are progressing. 
  • Please take a minute to view our discount's page and our cancellation policy for a better experience. 

Charge for the initial visit: $180.00 for singletons and $260.00 for multiples. 


If your baby is older, or you have had previous children, or if this meets your needs best you can always come and visit us at our office, in Columbia where we have regular hours within the Beams Medical Home. This consultation is usually 50 minutes and designed to help with "Basic Breastfeeding Management", or more focused breastfeeding challenges.  During this visit we will take a detailed history and examine you and your baby as needed, answer your questions, and in most cases weigh your baby and check the milk transfer rates, to get a fuller picture of what is going on. At the end of the consult, you will be given a report to take it to your baby's health care provider to inform about our findings and recommendations. 

If your baby is younger than 3 weeks old we ask you to consider carefully when you book a problem-based consult, as very young babies tend to show their true colors in their own environment best. 

Please take a minute to view our cancellation policy for a better experience.

Dr Beam's Medical Home patients please click here for fee schedule

New Patient office visits $105.00 for singletons and $170.00 for multiples

"As a first-time mum, I spent months preparing and educating myself for a "natural" birth and I successfully had one!  But, what I wasn't prepared for was how "unnatural" breastfeeding would be for me and my baby initially.  My baby Isaac refused to nurse for the first 8 weeks.  When he began showing an interest in nursing, unfortunately, my milk supply was extremely low (lack of stimulation and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome); I didn't know how to proceed and I was emotionally a wreck.  Ann was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding and helped me pull through with breastfeeding baby Isaac.  Ann met with us at our home and showed me how to increase my milk supply and keep my baby happy at the same time.  Thanks to Ann and her great techniques and advice,

I now have a happy, healthy, and NURSING 4 month old!"

Thanks again for everything.......I wouldn't have made it through without your help!





Usually, most breastfeeding challenges will be improved and/or corrected with the first visit, however, there are times more challenging issues that may need more than one consultation. We usually discuss these situations during the initial consultation.

 We normally like to keep-in-touch with the family regularly by phone and email to establish the new techniques, and there is no charge for this. We may also ask you to come to the clinic for a follow-up where you pay your normal co-pay to visit a specialist -if you have a co-pay-

If you would like an in-home follow-up there will be an $85.00 charge for 60 minutes visit for singletons and $120.00 for multiples.

 For new and/or over three weeks old cases the 60 min. an in-home visit is $105.00 for singletons and $160 for multiples   

Please take a minute to review our cancellation policy, as this allows us to serve you better. Thank you


Phone Call or Email


There is no charge for a quick email or a phone consultation(Less than 15 minutes). However please note that most breastfeeding problems need a face-to-face consultation.

Last updated on 01/12/2017