What to do when you cannot make it to the appointment / Our Cancellation Policy

As mothers and professionals who are working with children, we understand that sometimes plans change.


When you are cancelling your appointment, you must notify the Practice at least 6 hours before your appointment by calling the practice at 443-422-2661. You can also send an email to Moira at MoiraT@babyandmelc.com .   We understand that occasionally illness or emergencies occur and you may not be able to give as much notice in those instances.


This allows us to run the clinic efficiently so another mother and baby in need may take your appointment if you need to cancel. This is how we can fit you sometimes in a drop of a hat.


You do not have to give a reason for cancellation. 


There may be times when appointments are cancelled by Baby and Me Lactation Services if this happens no fee will be charged and we will always give you as much notice as possible of cancellation.


If you miss your appointment and have failed to notify the Practice 6 hours before your appointment you will be charged an administration fee of $15.00.  If you cancel the appointment less than 30 minutes to the scheduled appointment time there will be a fee of $85.00 to compensate the time of our staff.  This will be either billed to you or taken from the debit/credit card details you supplied upon booking your appointment. 

Last updated on 09/11/2017