Although induced, adoptive or re-lactation has started to make more appearances in the media within the last couple of years, it is not a new concept. Mothers, aunties, and grandmothers around the world have re-lactated to feed their babies for centuries.

Nursing a baby is a very special bond. Breastfeeding is not only putting food into baby’s belly, it is about nurturing, it is about reconnecting, finding a language to communicate even when you say nothing at all.  However, please remember that like any good, and solid relationship, it may take some work.

Within the last 10 years Ann Faust, IBCLC has had joined many mothers who managed to breastfeed their babies against the odds.

We also have had the privilege to work with many same sex couples and transgender moms to achieve their goals to breastfeed their babies.

If you are planning to adopt or trying to re-lactate for your baby please give us a call so we can talk about your goals and the best ways to achieve them.

                                                                Thank you very much for holding our hand all the way. World can't describe my gratitude for your support.

Maureen mother to Jasmine 2012


My husband I thought we would never have children yet alone dreaming nursing babies at my breast.
 When we first heard that they finally found a baby for us to adopt…, we could not believe our ears.  Just imagine how we felt when they told us the mother was carrying not one but two babies!  We were talking with friends we made on the adoption journey, when we learned that it was possible to nurse our adopted babies.  One of our friends gave us Ann’s card and recommended her very highly. The following day, I called Ann.  She was very professional and sympathetic about our situation. She explained all the difficulties and all the joy we may come across during this time. I imagined myself having a baby at each breast and made an appointment to see her. As they say, the rest is history. We worked, laughed and cried together, and the first time I put my beautiful girls at my breast Ann was there to guide and support me. Although I never managed to have full milk supply to feed both of my girls and need to supplement regularly, I would encourage any adoptive mom who would like to try inducing lactation. There is nothing in this world feels as sweet as a milky-baby smiling at you from your breast. Thank you very much Ann from all of us. We could not do it without your wisdom and support.

-Melissa mother to Anastasia and Amanda

Last updated 08/23/2012