Today's modern businesses -especially with the changing laws- are aware of the advantages of having lactation services as part of their benefits packages. Adding breastfeeding support to your company policy can save you thousands of dollars in return.

Here are a couple of examples;

  • During these hard economical times you can increase your profit margin with an effective lactation support within your company.
  • We all know employee turnover is a costly business. Helping employees balance family and work commitments can positively impact retention rates, resulting in cost savings to the company.
  • Positive public relations will set your company apart from your competitors.
  • Lactation Support at the workplace has a long and proven successful track record.
  • More than 40 U.S. States (including, MD, DC, PA and VA) enacted lactation-related legislation.

As a simple example; did you know that breastfeeding protects children from many common childhood diseases like ear infection, gastro-intestinal infections, chest problems, and urinary-tract infections? It is very hard for a parent to leave a sick child home to go to work, this can result in loss of time, productivity and money.

Baby and Me Lactation Services is happy to help you to design a “Lactation Health Benefit Plan” specific to your company. Here are some of the areas we may be able to help you;


  • Pre-natal to back-to-work breastfeeding education
  •  Setting up breastfeeding stations
  •  On-call lactation services
  •  Made-to-measure breastfeeding education classes for Health Care Professionals
  •  Information about new breastfeeding laws and regulations



We are more than happy to discuss your company's individual needs with you.

If you need information on more specific services or about how breastfeeding

can save you time and money please do not hesitate to contact us

Last updated on 05/04/2011