Here are some of the web pages I trust and like to visit for up-to-date breastfeeding information;
 Australian Breastfeeding Association
 Breastfeeding and mothering information 
Breastfeeding and SIDS
Dr Brian Palmer, DDS Breastfeeding and dental carries 
Is My Baby Tongue-tied? Catherine WATSON GENNA (Everything you want to know about Tongue-tie)

 Diana West's Low Milk Supply (great information about milk production)
 International Breastfeeding Journal 
  Dr Jack Newman & Edith Kernerman's breastfeeding pages
 La Leche League International 
Dr Mona Gabbay, MD Answers to your breastfeeding problems
InternationaNIH Breastfeeding Information in Multiple Languages

Dr Moz Fathering info
 Dr Nils Bergman Kangaroo Mothercare  

Sleeping with your breastfed baby/ Safe Bed-sharing

Tongue Tie

Nonprescription Drugs and Breastfeeding 

 Virginia Smiles Clef lip/ clef palte
I do not affiliate or earn money from any of these organizations, these are just my personal choices when I am looking for information or like to read more about breastfeeding.
Ann Faust, IBCLC
Last updated on the 01/09/2016