By Ann Faust, BA(Hons), IBCLC


There are many reasons to breastfeed; in some cases they are as individual as the mother/baby pairs.  Most of the time they are universal and shared by us all.  We have met many mothers who said, "I wish I had breastfed my baby."  But I never met a mom who said, "I wish I had formula-fed my baby."  After all, Breastfeeding is the Gold standard in infant feeding.  Here are some golden nuggets for your information: 


Mother’s milk is natural, and normal food, which gives babies the best start in life. It creates a natural,  secure bond between the mother and the baby.


Every mother produces milk for her own offspring’s needs. So it is specially made for that baby –i.e. species specific-

   Breastmilk boosts your baby’s very immature immune system.

   Babies who don’t receive their mother’s milk are more likely become over-weight, and develop obesity in adulthood.


     Studies show that Breastmilk can protect babies against;

1.    Ear Infections

2.    Gastro-Intestinal infections

3.    Chest infections

4.    Urinary-tract infections

5.    Childhood diabetes

6.    Eczema

7.    Asthma

   Breastfeeding not only benefits the baby, but the mother, as well, preventing:


                        1.    Ovarian Cancer
                    2.    Breast Cancer
                    3.    Osteoporosis in later life
                    4.    Baby blues
                    5.    And breastfeeding mothers lose any excess baby weight more  quickly.


More importantly, Breastfeeding is a relationship, not just a food that will fill your baby’s belly. Each time you breastfeed your baby you will enhance your physical, and emotional bond, help develop baby’s brain and solidify his/her trust in this world. This is a gift that will last for a lifetime!








The above information is true at the time of update (08/27/2009). The information on www.BabyAndMeLC.com  is for general information only. If you have serious concerns about your baby or breastfeeding, speak to your healthcare provider as soon as possible.