By Ann Faust, BA(Hons), IBCLC

Start with sitting in a nearly upright comfortable position (like sitting on a recliner). Lay the baby on your body, his/her head between your breasts and belly-to-belly, feet facing down. If you had a Caesarean (C-section) delivery, please remember to protect your stitches with a rolled towel or something similar.

  • Hold your baby close to you, with his/her nose level with the nipple.

  • Wait until your baby opens his mouth really wide with the tongue down. You can encourage him/her to do this by gently stroking his/her top lip.


  • Quickly bring your baby even closer to your breast.


  • Your baby will tilt his/her head back and come to your breast, chin first. The baby should take a large mouthful of breast. Your nipple should go towards the roof of his mouth. Remember the nipple has no milk -it only transfers the milk from the breast tissue to the baby's mouth-. Therefore it is very important for the baby to latch on to as much breast tissue (at least most of the lower part of the areola) as possible.


*Images Courtesy of the UNICEF


The above information is true at the time of update (02/12/2010).

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