By Ann Faust, IBCLC

Now the truth be told you can’t actually breastfeed the baby. But this is pretty much the only thing that you can’t do. Fathers are a very important part of the baby’s life, regardless of how they are fed.  Therefore, join the team by nurturing your young family.


Supporting the breastfeeding mom by making sure she is comfortable and happy, and she gets extra rest will make a very positive effect on the mother’s milk supply and, you bonding better as a family.


·       Try to massage the mother’s shoulders while she is nursing the baby.  Some studies have shown that this will actually help with the letdown.

·       You can make some food, or arrange take-out for the night so you can have a little more time to spend on each other.

·       Supporting the nursing mom, especially when other friends and relatives have (however well-intended) upsetting comments about your choices.

·       You can give your baby its bath; get him/her ready for bed.

·       It is beneficial to both baby and the father to keep the baby on your bare chest and have a little rest.

·       Fathers are especially helpful when calming the crying baby. Babies just love to lay on their father’s forearm and to be walked around. This will put just the right pressure on the baby's tummy to help relieve the baby's discomfort.



A new baby in the family is usually stressful – regardless of the baby is breastfed or formula fed - . Even in the best connected families things can get rocky.  Try to talk things through before problems get bigger. Take time out for each other.  With a little planning you can keep your romance alive – just try to arrange around the baby’s naps, for example.


Please remember a new baby in your family is a learning curve for all of you, regardless if this is your first or the tenth baby.  Dual parental roles are meant to complement one another, not to compete with one another. Learning together can be lot of fun!


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