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Ann is like a member of our family.  After not having success with breastfeeding my first baby, I wanted so badly to be able to breastfeed my second one for at least a year.  Furthermore, I had a breast reduction in 1998, which potentially created some further complications.  Ann began working with me during my pregnancy to ensure I would be prepared to breastfeed after giving birth.  She identified a regimen of supplements for me to take during pregnancy to increase breast tissue and milk duct connections.  When my son was only a few days old, I was already experiencing horrible pain while nursing - bruised, cracked, bleeding nipples.  Ann came to my house when my son was five days old and diagnosed a tongue-tie.  She referred me to an ENT, who corrected the tongue-tie.  However, my baby still was having difficulty nursing and gaining weight, and I was still in a lot of pain.  Postpartum depression set in.  Ann identified my depression and made sure I got the help I needed.  She referred us to a cranial-sacral therapist who worked with my son until he was able to successfully breastfeed; she even went to some of the sessions with us.  My son finally got back to his birth weight at two months postpartum!  Ann reassured me that I was a good mother and that my baby was doing great - I needed to hear this because I was so doubtful of how I was doing.  I'm happy to say that at 23 months, my son is still breastfeeding!  

Ann is different from the lactation consultants I worked with after my daughter was born.  Ann truly becomes a member of the family.  This is not a job to her.  She loves her moms and babies.  She was always available and would go out of her way to visit with me when she knew I was struggling.  I can't say enough good things about her!
-Dr Pemberton January 2014- 

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: 240-893-3808

 : 443-288-2333

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