Pewter breast pump Weedon of London (1830-1856)

Baby and Me Lactation is not selling or renting pumps at the moment. However we are more than happy to answer any pumping questions you have.


As a general rule, if you will be using your pump not more than a couple times a week or once or twice a month, a hand pump may be all you need.

In addition,  it is a wonderful idea to learn how to hand express breastmilk;  It doesn't need any special equipment, electricity, and once you mastered it there is a chance you may never look back. Here is a wonderful video to get you started;

Hand Expression


However if you are a working mom or need to be away from your baby regularly and longer than 3-4 hours at a time you may find a good, electric pump is more efficient.


There are many makes or models of pumps for sale in the US markets. Some of them are good and some of them are not so. Choosing a breast pump is somewhat like choosing a bra. It is personal, and if it doesn’t fit properly it may cause you more damage than good. So choosing the cheapest pump or one off the Internet may not be the best option. Renting a hospital grade pump is another option for regular users.


It is our professional opinion that when you need to buy or rent a breast pump, you should sit down with a trained specialist to review all the options. This way you can get a correct-fitting pump that will serve all your needs. Before you leave the shop you should also be shown how to use your pump correctly and most efficiently. 

The following books have excellent information about pumping in different conditions. We use and share the information in these books to the moms we work regularly, please click for more information;

Working without Weaning: A working mother&#39s guide to breastfe
Breastfeeding in Combat Boots

Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk

Balancing Breast and Bottle


Here at the Baby and Me Lactation Services, we trust the following pump suppliers around Howard County, MD for their quality and personalized service to their clients.






Hope Bird



Colleen Prorok



Rebecca (Becky) Nicodemus



Robin Wilson



Melissa Thistle


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